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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family is Everything

A story I think that family is something that means a lot to people. They are always there at a sports events, cheering you on even if you're not playing that good. When you do something wrong, they tell you and they sometimes give you a consequence, when you do something good, they reward you. When you're hurt, they are there and are caring for you. They feed you and buy you clothes and different things you couldn't live without. They give you a shelter. They make you laugh or smile if you are having a bad day. They are there when you win an award or get married.

hmm...You know those moments when you and your family are laughing? Not just cuckling, but full on tummy holding, side aching, tears running laugh. After a while you have no idea what cracked you up in the first place. It is these moments when your family love is strong, and you never want it to end. Then there are the moments when a loved one's hurtful words slash throught the silence, opening old wounds or creating new ones. It is then where the family is tested and it takes a strong, loving relationship to pull through. Being part of a family that is kind, loving (and sometimes frustrating,) I have encountered these moments and realized that they make our love for eachother that much stronger.
You love them and they love you. To me,
family is everything.

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