World Prestige Watches

World Prestige Watches

Saturday, December 18, 2010

World Prestige Watches

"A. Lange & Söhne" pocket watches were always among the world's most prized possessions. Celebrities, high-ranking nobility from near and far, and even monarchs were among the manufactory's satisfied customers. They all appreciated the amazing complexity and perfection of these masterpieces.
To this very day, Lange pocket watches of inestimable value are among the most extraordinary showpieces of significant public and private collections.

Like all creative artists, ALAIN SILBERSTEIN dreamt of a location where he could present the full range of his watches and clocks as well as those timepieces which he sometimes creates just for fun.

Somewhere he could meet those with a passion for his watchmaking skills and creations.Born in Paris, he wanted to rediscover the unique atmosphere of the area in which he began his art studies: St. Germain-des-Prés. A "village" within the city where students, artists, intellectuals and visitors from all over the world pass their time in bookstores, art galleries, artists' studios, and of course... on café terraces! The 200 Boulevard Saint-Germain (between Rue des Saints-Pères and Rue Saint-Guillaume) is ALAIN SILBERSTEIN's address in Paris.

In 1875, Audemars Piguet began creating the finest in Haute Horlogerie watches in the famous Jura region of Switzerland. Word of the skill employed in the making of Audemars Piguet Watches quickly spread building the name brand recognition and acknowledged quality you come to expect from Audemars Piguet. Audemars Piguet is the world’s oldest Swiss Watch Manufacturer still in the hands of the founding family, experts at the precarious complex watch model design.

Baume & Mercier watches have a rich and storied tradition in Swiss watch making and are designed and crafted according to the strictest criteria and Swiss traditions. Baume et Mercier are at the forefront of luxury watch design. It all began in 1830 in the Swiss Jura, the heart of Swiss Watch making History. The contrast of the rigorous and precise Baume with the artistic and free thinking Mercier fused form and function for all time with the distinct Baume & Mercier timepiece. A one of a kind for all time.

Through a careful integration of engineers, designers, and technicians obsessed with perfection, we present the fine series of Bell & Ross Watches. High quality watches designed for professionals by the best watchmakers in the world. Whether in the depths of space, the deepest ocean, or breaking the sound barrier, Bell & Ross has been there with the best pilots, scientists, divers, and explorers. Bell & Ross watches are uniquely suited for men who live a rugged and busy lifestyle. Originally designed for men in occupations of scuba diver, jet pilot, and astronaut, each Bell and Ross watch is hardly enough to stand up to your busy life while still affording you the style and flair you demand.

In 1735 Jehan-Jacques Blancpain established the Blancpain Watch Brand, situated in the Vallee de Joux in Switzerland, renowned for breathtaking advancements in watch making techniques of the highest caliber, devoted to excellence of the elite manufacture of watches comprising the most complicated movements ever imagined. Blancpain is famous for Le Brassus, Leman, Villeret, Specialities and Sport and Women collections together with Novelties and Fifty Fathoms. Blancpain can be described as an adventurous and Innovative brand that seeks to be a little bit different.

Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823) was one of the few whose innovatory genius has had a real impact on time. Both Napoléon and Wellington were consulting their Breguets at Waterloo!
Other famous wearers include Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo, Phileas Fogg, the time conscious hero of Jules Verne's around the world in Eighty Days.
Since 1787 each Breguet watch is recorded with the name of the individual maker, the cost price, sale date and identity of the purchaser. Breguet produced the first automatic watch, the Perpétuelle, in 1765. Today, high quality, engine-tuned by hand watches, often extra-flat, each with a unique production number

The Breitling family tradition of achievement in quality and accuracy in timekeeping has continued for nearly a full century. Early on, L. Breitling and his son and successor, Gaston Breitling, developed and built the very first wrist chronograph. Willy Breitling, the founder's grandson, later modified and improved the modern chronograph.
The early Breitling chronographs featured both center chronograph seconds as well as a 30 minute totalizer. Breitling was awarded a patent in 1923 for inventing the independent pushpiece, and another in 1926 for the 1/10 second totalizer.
In 1934 Willy Breitling launched the modern chronograph with his invention of the second, return-to-zero pushpiece. The chronograph as we know it was complete. To this day, this style of chronograph remains one of Breitling's.

Burberry is a British luxury fashion house, manufacturing clothing and other apparel. Its distinctive check pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. The company has branded stores and franchises around the world, and also sells through concessions in third party stores. It also runs a catalogue business and has a fragrance line. Both HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH The Prince of Wales have granted the company Royal Warrants. Today, Burberry's trademark products are its fashionable handbags and exclusive fragrances. The current Design Director is Christopher Baileybest selling timepieces

Bvlgari watches have been producing watches since the 1940's and its success is largely due to an understanding that the evolution of style must follow changes in times, tastes and habits. The Bvlgari style is, in fact, a balanced mix of classicism and modernity in a continuous search for innovative design and materials, with a special attention towards colour combinations. The sense of volume, the love for linearity and symmetry, and certain details recalling art and architecture are classic characteristics of Bvlgari watches. Every Bvlgari creation is permeated with a spirit of excellence, hence the attention to detail and the research for absolute quality, typical of each product, coexist with an innate yearn to surpass oneself and respond passionately to the ever changing market's requests.

Founded in 1847 by Louis-Franois Cartier, the “House of Cartier” was originally a jewelry boutique. Over the years his expertise and craftsmanship traveled the world and his ambitious grandsons Louis, Pierre, and Jaques masterfully managed the business opening boutiques in Paris, London and New York. With the “Santos”, “Tank” and “Pasha” watch designs, the fame of Cartier timepieces and demand for them soared over the last century. Notables firsts for the line of watches includes the first deployment-folding clasp, and the first truly water resistant design. Cartier watches are always focused on the relationship between form and movement, aesthetics and "savoir-faire", technique and art. This continual quest is the driving force behind every new watch making challenge for Cartier watches. Cartier continues to harness each new skill and talent to combine tradition and innovation. In the mysterious and subtle world of cartier watch making, artist and technician work side by side as willing partners. These are the fundamental concepts underlying all creations in Cartier watches

Carven is a French luxury products company. It was founded in 1945 in the Champs Elysees, one of Paris's most prestigious locations. Today the firm produces leather goods, casual wear, sportswear, fragrances, jewellery, as well as Swiss-made watches.

Chanel watches are designed and produced in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking. Since 1987, Chanel watches have been introduced through unique and innovative collections, touching upon both the avant-garde as well as elegant and sophisticated designs one would expect from the House of Chanel.

Founded in 1780 by Marie-Etienne Nitot, who set up shop in Paris, Chaumet quickly became the official jeweler to emperor Napoleon I—who greatly admired the brand’s magnificent work. From tiaras to swords, Chaumet deftly combined the world’s finest gems with creative designs that would last for centuries. Indeed, the innovative spirit of Chaumet’s designs reflected some of the most romantic periods in history with an individuality and flair reserved for the brand. In 1875, the House of Chaumet was launched to new heights by the distinct style of the brilliant Joseph Chaumet, who married the daughter of the head of the jewelry firm and officially registered the name of Chaumet.

The history of Chopard dates back to the 19th century. In 1860, Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded his own watch factory in Sonvilier, in the Swiss Jura. Relying on his family tradition for watch making and his own innovative ideas, the company soon acquired an excellent reputation for its precision watches. The Chopard watches were so precise, that they became one of the main suppliers to the Swiss railway - known for their punctuality.
From history to current events, VIP’s and movie clips, Chopard is the watch that many high profile individuals prefer to wear. In 1996, Chopard returned to its roots by creating a fully-fledged "manufacture" in Fleurier, in the Swiss Jura, where a new automatic movement was crafted. It became the L.U.C. watch which was voted "Watch of the Year" in 1997.

Christian Dior was born in Granville, Manche, a seaside town on the coast of France. His family, whose fortune was derived from the manufacture of fertilizer, had hopes he would become a diplomat, but Dior only wished to be involved in mostly fashion, but sketching as well. To make money, he sold his fashion sketches outside for about 10 cents each. After leaving school he received money from his father so that in 1928 he could open a small art gallery, where he sold art by the likes of Pablo Picasso.

Gerd Lang turned the watch world on its ear when he started Chronoswiss in 1982. Producing archetypal versions of different watch styles, Chronoswiss watches are all exceptionally well made and feature distinctive onion crowns and knurled bezels. Very nice watches. Chronoswiss has recently introduced the Timemaster Chronograph in both left and right handed versions. Chronoswiss has also released a repeater watch with regulator dial.

In the early 20th century two young Swiss Watchmakers sought to create watches not only of great beauty and craftsmanship, but watches that also permitted flowing functionality and seemless simplicity. Concord fashions many luxury timepieces incorporating many precious metals and gems into their elegant designs. Concord watchmaking broke new ground and made fashion history with the Concord Delirium, Concord Delirium IV and the Haute Horlogerie watches and stands as an industry leader in producing micro-thin luxury watches

Corum, a Swiss watch manufacturer which ranks amongst the most prestigious in the world. Founded in 1956 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the Corum brand acheived prominence because of its simple philosophy--"superb craftsmanship combines with the endless search for beauty and innovation." This initial commitment to excellence still prevails today.

Jerome De Witt, an uninhibited and visionary approach to the art of watchmaking.

From his ancestor the French Emperor Napoleon I and from the latter's brother King Jerome of Westphalia, his direct grandfather, Jerome de Witt has inherited a passion for watchmaking. Every member of his illustrious family collected timepieces... the Emperor himself, his brothers, but also his sisters, and among them Caroline Murat, one of the most incredible collectors and patrons of her time and the first woman to sponsor the design of a wristwatch!

This should come as no surprise given Ebel's origins. Ebel Watches was founded in 1911 by a married couple, Eugene Blum and Alice Levy. Partners in business as well as life, Eugene focused on the technical aspects of watchmaking, while Alice nurtured the aesthetic appeal of Ebel watches.

Calling itself 'The Architects of Time' Ebel watch designs have always incorporated smooth lines and warm harmonies of color and texture. Even the distinctly masculine designs are sleek and flowing like a fine European sports car. Ebel watches are unmistakably identifiable and undeniably attractive

At long last the age old battle between strength and style has been resolved. A collection of timeless elegance and brute strength has put these watches light years above the rest. Emporio Armani Watches are for people who demand a great deal of style and elegance from the wristwatch they wear

Franck Muller produces at least one world watch premiere every year and have done so since 14 years. The introduction of the free oscillating tourbillon with jumping hours demonstrated his new perspective on tourbillon construction.
The Calibre 94, 1994's world premiere, incorporated some 350 parts and was the culmination of three years' Franck Muller research. The Endurance 24 with split-seconds chronograph, the 1997 world premiere, even became the official watch of the Le Mans Race (although the Franck Muller racing team McLaren Number 53 - out with gear box damage - was not as succesful as the chrono watch).

Engineering and architecture define the style of Girard-Perregaux, a highly respected yet relatively low-profile manufacturer in the upper echelons of watchmaking known as Haute Horlogerie.
This venerable company, with associations dating to the famous Geneva horologist Jean François Bautte in the late 18th century, has had its ups and downs since watchmaker Constant Girard married watchmaking heiress Marie Perregaux and established a factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1856.
The company’s most remarkable product was first launched in 1867 and remains an integral player in Girard-Perregaux’s creations

A company with roots dating back to the 19th century, Glashütte Original creates complex mechanical timepieces of grand stature. Reclaiming its former position of glory, this brand is dedicated to horological excellence—producing watches that are beautiful both inside and out.
Originally founded as “Glashütte” in 1845, the brand produced some of the finest timepieces in Germany’s history. But in 1951 the company’s business was stifled by the East German government, which merged the Saxony region’s various watch brands into one company. However, following the German reunification in 1990, Glashütte proudly re-established itself.

Perhaps best known as the “father of the chronograph”, George Graham (1673-1751) was also the brains behind inventions such as the dead-beat cylinder escapement, the first wall chronograph and the mercury pendulum.
Commissioned by the Greenwich Royal Observatory to create the Master Clock used by astronomers, he became the first great 18th century clock-maker to be admitted to the Royal Society.
Perpetuating this spirit of remarkable innovations and technical expertise, Graham is now a contemporary watch brand dedicated to enthusiasts of the mechanical arts

Hermes watches - a watch-maker even before it became a silk specialist, has been associated with the great names of Swiss and French watchmaking since the Twenties. Since 1978, Hermes watches has been distributing its watches worldwide. Hermes' models have always known how to capture the magic and mystery of time. Nevertheless the Hermes watches are so different in their lines and their spirit, they all embody in their own way the Hermes style. The design of the Hermes' watches unites tradition and innovation.

Hublot was born out of a desire to transcend contemporary watch design and produce a unique watch line. Creator Carlo Crocco acquired strong notions of beauty growing up in a family of watchmakers, and by 1977 had designed his first watch. In 1980 he established his own company, MDM Genève, hoping to create a watch whose elegant and sporty design would be appreciated the world over.

IWC Watches - Since 1868, the International Watch Company has supplied the world with beautiful and precision timepieces that anyone would be proud to wear. IWC (International Watch Company) is known for their international style and classic watch lines which compliment any outfit or any fashion from traditional business wear to the latest runway trends. IWC Watches - the unique handcrafting watch. IWC watches are both classical and timeless. IWC watches are so unique in terms of design and its technology. A genuine IWC watch has always been a watch for men. And that, perhaps, explains why it holds such immense appeal for women too

Jacob Arabo's passion for jewelry began early as a young boy growing up in Russia. After migrating to the United States, Jacob, age 16, enrolled in a jewelry design course to develop his natural talents. Immediately recognizing his obvious gifts and ability, his instructors encouraged him to leave the course.
Jacob was soon designing his unique pieces in New York's famed Diamond District for a number of jewelry labels and private clients. Finally, in 1986, Jacob opened his business and began designing products under his brand, JACOB & Co. In the mid-to late1990's, many music industry icons - as well as up and coming recording artists - were taken by Jacob's unique creations. Personalities such as Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige recommended Jacob to a host of their high profile male and female friends, spawning a buzz throughout the music industry which continues to resonate today

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches have been a tradition since 1833. The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso watches are rectangular and have cases that reverse to show either finished side; the Master Control watches are round and have passed a 1000-hour test. Other than these distinguishing characteristics, each collection of Jaeger LeCoultre are pretty different. There are plain watches, chronographs, dual-time watches, moonphase watches, and more..

Jean Dunand Pièces Uniques was founded in 2003 by master watchmaker Christophe Claret, Switzerland’s leading inventor and constructor of complicated movements, and horological entrepreneur Thierry Oulevay.

Their shared aim: to create advanced and unprecedented horological mechanisms as the basis for unique timepieces representing the summit of contemporary watchmaking. The two men share a fascination for the Swiss-born artist Jean Dunand (1877–1942), one of the great craftsmen of the art deco movement, and they paid him homage by naming their new brand in his honour.

Since its founding in 1832, Longines has been renowned for its design, high quality and precision. Infamous aviator, explorers and pioneers have relied on Longines during their sojourns circling the globe. Longines have timed some of the world's most prestigious sporting events, including the first modern day Olympics in 1892.
Amongst its timepieces and incorporation into its communication, elegance is the underlying theme, which will carry Longines into the 21st century.

Louis Vuitton began manufacturing trunks in Paris in 1854, and the company he started went on to become one of the world's most famous makers of luxury goods, known especially for its designer luggage pattern: a beige-on-chestnut monogram, "LV." Vuitton's high-quality travelling trunks were such a hit that he had to expand his factory within a few years, relocating to Asniéres in 1860. As the years went by the Vuitton line gained international recognition, thanks in part to a bronze medal at the 1867 World's Fair and a gold medal at the 1889 World's Fair, both held in Paris. After Louis died in 1892, his son, Georges, took the company to new heights, developing what is recognized as the first "designer label" on a product. (Widespread copying of Vuitton patterns pushed Georges to design the distinctive "LV" monogram.) Vuitton's luggage company has since become a world leader in luxury consumer goods, with products that include travel books, perfume, distilled spirits and designer clothing

Maurice Lacroix watches - striking a delicate balance between past and present, generate a dynamism of their own that will last well into the future. About a quarter of a century ago, Maurice Lacroix watches injected fresh life into the tradition of Swiss watchmaking by uniting modern precision standards with an uncompromising attitude towards materials and technology. Since then, Maurice Lacroix has been producing watches which represent classical craftsmanship but at the same time meet the exacting demands of the modern world

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the legendary Mercedes Benz 600, the representative cars of the years 1964 - 1981, the Classic Collection included a watch in the style of the classic dashboard clock of the Pullman limousine in its range. The historical design of this exclusive, rectangular collector's watch echoes the matter-of-fact style of the clock on which it was modelled.

The modern day Montblanc brand sprung from the Simplo Filler Pen Company founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1906. From the start, the company was an interesting marriage of the various skills and expertise of a stationer, Claus Johannes Voss; a banker, Christian Lausen; and an engineer, Wilhelm Dziambor. By 1909, it became clear that the ambitions of these 3 men for their brand spread far beyond their base in Hamburg, Germany. In this short time they already established boutiques for their products in Paris, London and Barcelona.
One year later marked the first of many bold marketing initiatives for the brand. Simplo Filler officially became "Montblanc", named aptly for the tallest mountain in Europe to symbolize the high aspirations that the founders had for the brand and the high level of quality that they built into it.

Panerai watches were originally designed for the Italian Navy over 60 years ago. Panerai watches today are still made by craftsmen to the same high standards, performing perfectly in demanding situations and able to withstand extreme conditions.
Panerai watches are produced in limited numbers because they must meet quality standards which are much higher than for most watches, typical of equipment designed for military use. The main requirement is reliability, which is vital. A user's life may depend on this, and it may be put at risk by a watch's failure or imperfect assembly

For 150 years, the Omega spirit has been behind an impressive series of achievements in fields as varied as technology, design and the human adventure. To name just a couple - aside from the Moon watch-the registering of hundreds of watch invention patents (the world first coaxial escapement movement) and the official timing of 21 Olympic Games since 1932.

Omega's success today is expressed in the image association of its leading watches with brand ambassadors from the world of fashion, sports and performing arts who reflect the time-honoured vitality of Omega.Get yours here today, at OMEGA continues to make strides in both technology and design with elegant timepieces prized by collectors and aficionados alike.

Oris Watches has been making classically styled watches with mechanical movements since 1904. Today Oris combined traditional watchmaking techniques with modern microtechnology, by producing collectible pieces such as the Big Crown Original with pointer calendar. In addition, watch collectors around the globe are snatching up the Big Crown BC3, the Big Crown Commander Divers, and of course the classic Big Crown Commander Divers Regulator. Buy these watches that collectors already considered underpriced at even better value!

The founders Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean Adrien Philippe vowed to produce only the world's finest watches and to honour the watch making art by perpetuating the traditional values and the ceaseless quest for innovation that are its lifeblood.
Several great landmark timepieces provided great sources of inspiration in the development of the latest model, the Star Caliber 2000: the Leroy 01, Breguet's Marie-Antoinette, as well as historic Patek Philippe timepieces the Graves, the landmark Calibre 89, (the world's most complicated portable timepiece), the Packard and the Duke of Regla, each an hierological masterpiece in its own right.

Paul Picot resolutely relies on quality not only for the materials and design but also at the level of its personnel: the friendly and welcoming building housing the manufacturing facility in Le Noirmont is populated by the very best in the profession who unite the classical art of traditional Jura watchmaking with the latest techniques in order to develop remarkable and unrivalled watches. When you hold such an exceptional watch in your hand, you cannot fail to be aware of the personal commitment of its creators and the profound affinity that links them to the timepieces they develop

In a market crowded with re-issues and look alike, the distinctive PD chrono is a welcome breath of fresh air. I succumbed to the lure of this titanium-clad beauty two years ago. The astonishing way it has performed under extensive use only deepens my admiration for this sports chrono.
This watch was designed from the ground up to deliver great performance with style. Accurate, compact, and durable, the PD has few peers as a sports chrono. Yet, its thin case and graceful profile would be quite at home on any dress watch. The PD reveals its greatest strength after extended use: this watch has no serious flaws.

Since its foundation in 1874, Piaget has been cultivating a spirit of luxury while emphasising its creativity, attention to detail and fully integrated watchmaking and jewellery expertise. Originally specialised in the design and production of watch movements, the Manufacture expanded the scope of its expertise in the 1960s with the launch of astonishing jewellery watches, followed by innovative jewellery collections

Rado, unpretentious, clear-lined, modern, innovative, stylistically, pure- these are descriptions of the qualities that characterize Rado design. The watches must also be a pleasure to wear so wearer- comfort and anatomical are important elements in the creative process.

The second unmistakable focal point is provided by the Rado materials- impressive and nchanting with their fascinating brilliance, their wearer-comfort and their superlative scratch-proofness. Rado will continue in the future to concentrate on the development of scratchproof watches. The 21st century will continue to see the reinforcement of this clear positioning.

Roger Dubuis is a growing young Manufacture, begun in 1995 with the partnership of Roger Dubuis and Carlos Dias. Dubuis, a talented watchmaker, founded his own atelier in 1980 after 14 years of developing complications for Patek Philippe. He took commissions to design new complications for major brands for several years before finally drawing designer Carlos Dias away from Franck Muller to launch his own brand. Roger Dubuis was born in Geneva and all of his watches, strongly associated with that culture, are submitted to the quality hallmark of the Poinçon de Genève as well as receiving chronometer certification. Looking at the off-beat models designed by Carlos Dias one can easily lose sight of the watchmaking prowess involved. The limited edition pieces and flamboyant designs are all based on a foundation of solid watchmaking skill and in-house complications.

In 1908, Rolex was founded by Mr. Hans Wilsdorf, a German National Citizen. Initially the company was named Wilsdorf & Davis as Wilsdorf founded company together with his brother in law. At the time, mostly pocket watches were produced by Swiss watch manufacturers as manufactures still had difficulty to produce accurate and reliable movements in such small size that they would fit in a wrist watch. Wilsdorf was a perfectionist who improved the standards for watch making as he did strive for smaller and more accurate movements that transformed style and fashion from larger pocket watches to smaller more practical wristwatches.

Seiko offers the best in the rich tradition of Japanese watchmaking. With many styles and collections to choose from, you should easily find the watch that is right for you and fits your personal style.

TAG Heuer Watches - Technical innovation, precision, endurance: such high performance criteria have become second nature to TAG Heuer since 1860, when Edouard Heuer founded a Swiss watch company specializing in watches and sports timing instruments.
Through it's long standing association with timing high-level sports events such as the formula One Grand Prix races, a field where reliability and precision are at a Premium TAG Heuer has made its mark on the history of sport watches. After 140 years spent on the cutting edge of technology, TAG Heuer has established itself as a world leader in the field of sports watches

The U-Boat Left Hook watch was designed in the 1940's in the "Officine Fontana" laboratory of high precision instruments and components. Ilvo Fontana designed a professional wrist watch specific for pilots. Great sturdiness, immediate reading under all light conditions and high presicion. The project was not completed for commercialisation, due to the instability in Europe at that time... but a first batch of watches was produced. In 1999, Italo Fontana decided to resurrect his grandfather's project, from which he took his inspiration and developed a modern day time piece, combining a unique identity with a near dimension in time.

Established in 1846 in Le Locle, Switzerland by Ulysse Nardin, a 23 year old watchmaker who had been trained in watchmaking by his father and later apprenticed with famed watchmakers Frederic William Dubois and Louis JeanRichard-dit-Bressel, the Ulysse Nardin company initially achieved success as a manufacturer of pocket chronometers and other highly complicated watches including minute repeaters. In 1862 Ulysse Nardin was awarded 1st Prize at the London International Exhibition for the category 'Pocket Chronometers and Complicated Watches'

Vacheron Constantin is one of the great old names in the watchmaking world with a great heritage and history. Established in 1735 by Jean-Marc Vacheron, the firm has continued in its tradition of excellence ever since. Recently acquired by the Richemont Group, it shines as one of the Greatest Swiss Watchmaking Houses.
Vacheron Constantin watches come from the oldest Swiss Watchmaker. Since their earliest days, the Vacheron Constantin name has been synonymous with fine watchmaking. The name has been well regarded by the cognoscenti and industry insiders, and is always spoken with a degree of reverence and respect.

Zenith traces its history to 1843, making it one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers. Zenith is best known for the high beat El Primero movement - revolutionary when first created, and still powering some of the finest watches ever produced. Zenith has received over 1500 first prizes from observatories for the precision of its timepieces

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Menjadikan mata, kulit dan rambut lebih sihat.
Menolong menjadi kulit, mata , gigi, gusi dan rambut lebih sihat.* Menolong menggalakkan kesihatan penglihatan, penglihatan pada malam, dan kesihatan mata.

Menjanakan tenaga yang mencukupi.
Memainkan peranan dalam penyerapan dan metabolisme protein dan karbohidrat .* Membantu dalam penukaran tenaga dan dalam penjanaan tenaga dari glukosa.

Menyokong sistem pengimunan.
Menyokong sistem pengimunan dan dengan meningkatkan fungsi sistem pengimunan.

Penghabus Radikal Bebas yang kuat.
Satu antioksidan yang unggul dengan nilai ORAC yang paling tinggi. Antioksidan membantu badan menentang radikal bebas yang bahaya dan juga menggalakkan panjang umur sel.* Bukti saintifik menunjukkan bahawa penggunaan vitaman antioksidan boleh mengurangkan risiko sesetengah jenis kanser.***

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Rumusan Bioavailable
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Sains telah memberitahu kita bahawa kesihatan jasmani adalah secara langsung bergantung kepada zat mineral yang diambil berbanding dengan faktor yang lain. * Zat mineral menolong menyokong kesihatan organ, tulang dan sistem pengimunan.*

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Tenaga Nyawa semula jadi
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Menyempurnakan Diet anda:
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350,000 Pengamal Penjagaan Kesihatan Profesional memang tidak silap!

Having a more potent, nutrient dense source of mangosteen also boosted the mangostin xanthone content almost 13%. Now there are 64.66 mg of Beta Mangostin and 29.45 mg of other xanthones from the whole mangosteen fruit per serving totaling over 94 mg per serving. No other product can deliver this amount of xanthone protection to your body's cells.

Perbandingan Dengan Produk Saingan:

Kuasa Xantona VeMMA
Xantona ialah sebatian semula jadi yang bertindak sebagai antioksidan dan mendatangkan faedah nutrisi yang berasaskan tumbuhan semulajadi kepada tubuh. Antara sumber-sumber xantona yang dikenali, buah manggis mengandungi antioksidan yang tertinggi secara semula jadi. Salah satu jenis xantona yang dikaji dan diselidik secara paling meluas ialah sebatian "beta mangostin" . Jumlah beta mangostin dan xanotana manggis lain yang dibekal oleh Vemma dalam setiap auns melebihi mana-mana produk manggis lain yang telah kami uji. Ini bermakna jika dibandingkan setiap auns, tahap perlindungan xantona dan antioksidan yang diberi oleh Vemma adalah paling tinggi.!

++Perbandingan berdasarkan ujian makmal bebas yang dijalankan pada Disember 2003 (Lot #S032801), Februari 2004 (Lot #A01), Jun 2004 (Lot #00455304) dan November 2004 (Lot #01B401). Nama produk dan syarikat ialah tanda niaga syarikat masing-masing.

Kuasa Vitamin VeMMA.
Merangkumi 12 jenis vitamin serba lengkap meningkatkan kuasa nutrisi VeMMA. Kajian menunjukkan bahawa vitamin adalah penting untuk kesihatan dan kebaikan kita. Faedah vitamin yang mengagumkan termasuk perlindungan antioksidan serta sokongan nutrisi dan pertumbuhan badan..* Kajian menunjukkan bahawa kebanyakan orang dewasa yang berpendidikan mengambil satu pil atau tablet multivitamin setiap hari. Bentuk cecair VeMMA yang lazat rasanya adalah lebih mudah diserap oleh badan berbanding dengan pil atau taplet.

*Pernyataan-pernyataan tersebut belum dinilai oleh Pentadbiran Makanan dan Ubat (FDA). Produk ini tidak bertujuan untuk mendiagnosis, merawat, menyembuhkan atau mencegah mana-mana penyakit.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

CSL Spice Mi700 DroidPad, affordable ipad (Ok.. lah!)

CSL is a local Malaysian company who has in recent days garnered some headlines when it supported Fusion Garage’s controversy-laden JooJoo tablet early this year and later with its entry into cheap Android devices. Early this month, it announced its entry into the Android tablet, with its own version, called DroidPad. Yeah No!, it has nothing to do with Motorola (and it shows). I took the opportunity this evening to visit one of the sales @ Sentosa outlet which had a fully functioning demo unit of the product that is being sold for RM1,599 (no discount, at least from their retail outlet). That would be approximately USD500.
Just for your information, this is not a detailed review, since I only managed to spend 30 minutes in the outlet before feeling a bit uneasy, not giving the sales person a definite yes or no, in purchasing it. Nevertheless, thanks go to the outlet for giving me free rein on the DroidPad, to test everything that came to mind (I missed a few critical ones, as I will point out below).

This is a compact tablet at 7 inch (same as the Samsung Tab). It can definitely be held with one hand, although do not expect that hand to hold it for too long since it weighs half a kg. The size of the device makes it seem less bulky than it really is. The build itself feels solid, since it is lined with metal (aluminium? or a knock off material? I couldn’t tell). It feels sturdy enough that I am confident it won’t break after a fall. However, this is not a beauty to behold. It really does look ‘fat’, at half an inch (see picture compared to a 20cent coin). The unit was still wrapped in a thin plastic wrap (cheap way to prevent scratches I guess). I did not take note of the speakers, although I believe they are located at the sides.

The resolution is only at 800 by 480 (WVGA). The colours seem washed and not as vibrant as it should have been. This is one of the downsides of the DroidPad since they needed to cut cost from somewhere. However, the viewing angles were not that bad. You could still make out the images even at 30-45 degrees. Nevertheless, the display is of the capacitive variant (yay!) and I have to admit that it feels quite sensitive to the touch. Typing was a breeze and with ample room, I was typing away fairly quickly.

The resolution is only at 800 by 480 (WVGA). The colours seem washed and not as vibrant as it should have been. This is one of the downsides of the DroidPad since they needed to cut cost from somewhere. However, the viewing angles were not that bad. You could still make out the images even at 30-45 degrees. Nevertheless, the display is of the capacitive variant (yay!) and I have to admit that it feels quite sensitive to the touch. Typing was a breeze and with ample room, I was typing away fairly quickly.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Ride: Kawasaki Z100 -2010

As motorcycles have become increasingly specialized in design, the one model that should hold the most appeal for the general buyer, the standard or naked bike, refuses to sell. Despite the manufacturers’ best efforts, they can’t find buyers. Standards, it seems, are caught in the middle of an identity crisis—one that caused Kawasaki designers to question the kind of bike that the masses required. The result is the new-from-scratch Z1000.

Prior to my arrival in Simpang Pulai to ride the Z1000 through the mountainous terrain north Cameron Highland, the area received heavy rain and unseasonably cold temperatures. My breath is visible in the air and I am warned that the roads will be slick with sections covered in loose sand and mud. My Mechanic and best friend of mine Ah Choon also quietly tells me that my bike has been fitted with a new rear tire and apologizes that there wasn’t time to scrub it in. He shrugs off my evil eye glare with a laugh.

Within the first 10 minutes I realize that there wasn’t any cause for concern. For a full-size motorcycle the Z1000 seems exceptionally small; the front wheel disappears below the rider’s sight line and its waist draws in as tight as a supermodel’s. The scalloped flanks of the 15 L fuel tank allow a rider’s legs to remain parallel to the bike, while the seat, at 815 mm from the ground, is supportive without being overly hard and is shaped to allow an easy reach to the ground for the legs.

But the real story of the Z1000 is its engine. Designed specifically for this motorcycle, it is only partially described by its specifications. At 1,043 cc, the liquid-cooled inline four is the largest motor yet used in the evolving Z1000 line. Kawasaki claims 138 horsepower at 9,600 rpm, up 13 from the old Z1000. Maximum torque is 81 lb-ft, which is similar to the ZX-10's output, but it comes 900 rpm earlier at a more street-suitable 7,800 rpm.

Riding on roads that manically switchback between sections of long, fast sweepers, the engine is best between 5,000 and 7,000 rpm. However, the bike can be dogged and torque is sufficient to make frantic gear shifting of the slick six-speed ’box unnecessary. Fuelling by the four downdraft 38 mm Keihin throttle bodies is mechanically controlled and the fuel injection is both responsive and free of glitches.

Showa components are used for both front and rear suspension. A fully adjustable 41 mm fork isn’t as robust as I would have expected for a bike of this size and weight, yet it works well to keep the bike composed. The rear suspension’s interesting arrangement is what Kawasaki describes as a horizontal back-link shock, an engineered solution to the placement and heat of the exhaust system’s pre-chamber. By locating the shock and linkage above the swingarm, designers have removed them from excessive heat, and made adjusting the preload and rebound damping settings easier.

Radial-mount Tokico four-piston calipers and dual 300 mm petal-type rotors on the front are controlled by an adjustable brake lever and radial-pump master cylinder. Initial bite is good and control throughout the lever’s stroke is precise and powerful enough to press my brain into the back of my eyes. The rear single-piston unit clamps a 250 mm petal-type rotor and as I tiptoe my way down steep wet and greasy declines, its control and power keep me out of trouble.

After hours of restrained and cautious riding we join the dry and pristine PLUS Highway and the pace increases for the final 50 kilometres of the day. Railing through fast sweepers and powering hard out of tight turns is a forte of the Z1000. Although it does most things well, riding it at speed on an open and twisting road clearly demonstrates that sport bike thrills can be had without sacrificing comfort or practicality. Vrooommmmmm!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seven Leadership Tun Mahathir;

How's life? hurmm....For me, June was the most tough month ever being through by all of my team members. Gilersss!!
Nak kejar KPIs results dan macam-macam lagi! Starting first day in June dah kena bombard dengan Boss yang hingga hari ni tak berubah-rubah dengan sifat "Pressure cooker" nyer! Damn!
Knowing his incapability to manage with love and empathy….nobody could actually run away from the pressure routine in delivering our results. As such, avoiding boss is the best remedy ever had by everyone. Bila terfikir nasib diri yang “not so lucky” ni…suka gwe nak sharesatu article yang gwe baca dalam satu member blogger yang gwe follow…
Artikle ni ditulis oleh Tun Mahathir, even gwe bukanlah follower political view Tun Dr. Mahathir tapi gwe kagum dengan prinsip kepimpinan dan pandangan bernas Tun. Beliau menggariskan tujuh kualiti untuk menjadi pemimpin yang baik, iaitu;
• Seorang pemimpin yang baik tidak semestinya merendah diri tapi sekurang2nya tidak bercakap besar. Tapi as long I could remember none of our bosses have this first element….hampeh!
• Kedua, Beliau mesti bersedia menerima tanggungjawab tetapi tidak boleh terlalu mendesak dan berkeras dalam memimpin. Hurm…mostly ramai yang terima tanggungjawab sebab sifat “Back Scratching” yang tahap angkasa gaban! At the end…subordinates yang pecah kepala fikir semuanya from A-Z…maybe up to Y ( Suddently the Boss came in at the end of Z)
• Seterusnya…beliau tidak harus menyalahkan orang lain bagi kegagalan tetapi mengakui kelemahan diri serta tidak harus menuding jari atau mencari seseorang untuk dipersalahkan. …Fuh! Yang ni memang hampeh kali seribu!...I think I should not elobrate more on this, which it will make me cry! Huhuhu!!
• Ke empat, beliau harus bersikap luhur dan tidak pentingkan pujian dan kemasyhuran…. Ye ke?
• Seterusnya..beliau patut tahu bagaimana mengendalikan pengikutnya begitu juga pihak atasan serta perlu sensitif dengan sensitiviti orang lain. Ni tak pernah berlaku rasanya…seingat gwe, most bosses akan mempergunakan orang bawahan untuk mencapai matlamat diri sendiri!
• Beliau patut bersedia melakukan apa yang diharapkan oleh orang lain untuk beliau laksanakan serta mendukung slogan kepemimpinan melalui teladan….alamak! kepimpinan melalui teladan?! Kalau dah polisi pun bosses pun langgar, how would you expect your people to be good!
• Dan yang terakhir, pemimpin perlu bijak dan lebih pintar sekurang2nya berbanding orang yang berada di bawah pimpinannya.
So, adakah anda mempunyai ciri2 kepemimpinan seperti yang Dr. Mahathir jelaskan? Jom kita sama-sama muhasabah diri!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Job Burnout.... AM I?

Seperti kebiasaan 1st day every week…especially Monday. One of the most miserable workday each week. Rasa malas nak bangun tido…Allahuakhbar! Malas. Seperti biasalah…alarm set @ 6.00am but woke up surely 30 minutes late.
Taken bath, pray and had my breakfast with my dad and mom…
Bila start enjine kereta terus rasa down….. mula mengelamun ish! Kalau la…boleh MC hari ni…..”
Am I actually facing JOB BURNOUT!?
At some point in our career, we will experience burnout. Regardless of how much we like our job there will come a time when you just don't feel like doing it anymore,… semua benda nampak “TAK BEST..; TAK SYOK” . If you could choose between being sick enough to stay home (and not just lying about being sick) and going to work, you would actually choose to be sick. It would be far less aversive than facing your boss, your co-workers, your clients, or even your own working desk (Burn out tahap GABAN la tu!)
Burnout doesn't happen only to those who are stressed or frustrated, though. Notice the definition says burnout usually happens as a result of stress and frustration. I don't think the stress that causes one to experience job burnout has to be terribly obvious. Work may be going along smoothly. There are no apparent problems — no issues to resolve. You get along well with your boss, co-workers, and clients. Then suddenly one day you feel a little knot in your stomach when you think about going to work. Or, you can't come up with any fresh ideas. You let your inbox fill up. You cringe when your phone rings. You just can't figure it out. Yesterday you loved your job and today you hate it. What could have caused this to happen? … Who actually to be blame? …
Many of us work long hours because we actually like our jobs. We have work that needs to get done, and we choose to spend ten hours a day doing it. Then one day we realize that many months have passed since we had a vacation, a full weekend off, or even a relaxing evening at home. There's an old saying that goes "On their death bed, no one ever said, 'I wish I had spent more time in the office.'" …But I really think I knew a Man who might say such words….! Sure the one that comes with 10 common mistakes. (Please refer to my last post)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Top ten mistakes which are very common amongst bosses.

Calling the boss H - Hitler, A - Arrogant, R - Rascal and I - Idiot caught everyone's attention in some youtube post and the question is, would you do the same if given an opportunity? Even though it was just a shared video or commercials, it did reflect the plight of employees in the actual working condition. After receiving interesting feedback from so called victims (amongst are my fellow office mates) we decided to take it a step further to analyze what exactly is going wrong. I did an interviews and a survey to find out top ten mistakes that even good managers and bosses make.

So I am listing below the top ten mistakes which are very common amongst bosses.

1 - Micro-management
Sometimes when bosses assign work to an employee they don't completely trust that employee will be capable of completing the work. They underestimate the ability of the people they hire and end up offending the employee. "According to me, the number one mistake is, not effectively identifying the strengths of the employee, thereby micro managing or not delegating or not trusting the employee's judgment. A good boss is one who brings out the best in the employee," says Nawal after being hit with “the MAN”

2 - Using improper mode of communication

Some bosses have this weird sense that since they are boss they should order people around and create a military kind of environment. They feel the stricter the things are the better things are organized. If an employee is late for some deadline, then the boss starts labeling the work or the employee himself.

3 - Leading through intimidation
This is one of the worst kind of mistake that bosses make. They feel that if an employee is threatened to work they will perform better. What the boss does not realize is that employee under such pressure end up losing interest in work and will meet the deadline just for the heck of it. Such employees then would only do what is asked from them and will never happily give hundred percent to do something good for the company.

4 - Lacking empathy for employee's situation
There are sometimes when employees do make excuses to take leave or when they come late. But not every reason is an excuse. Bosses end up thinking that their employees are always making excuses and do not showing any consideration for employee's situation

5 - Becoming inaccessible to your employees
An employee wants to contact his boss for something important but he is busy with other things and does not give any weightage to employee's problem and hence he is scared to approach his bosss.

"I have had some experiences at one of the company I worked with, where the manager was just not approachable and accessible. I could not expect any kind of guidance from him. It would not be wrong if I say that he was too busy caught with meetings (not accessible). He was also not approachable at the same time because of bad temperament and everything depended on his mood," said one of my senior friend.

6 - Not providing guidance or motivating employees
An employee should always have something to look forward to. A good manager knows how to motivate employees to make them perform better but for this they have to spend some time with their team. In today's IT work environment many of the managers have no time to spend with the team due to day long meetings. As a result they miss out on understanding a team member's problem at work and providing the right support and solutions for the same. Failing to support and understanding a team member will lead to recipe of resignation. A manager should always have the practice of having one on one to know more about the team member, and then provide right feedback at the same time to motivate with the right attitude.

7 - Not providing a clear picture - Transparency
Many times work is assigned by bosses to employees without clearly telling them the complete picture. Boss should always maintain transparency with their employee to make them understand what exactly they are doing. "If bosses start informing their team about the correct scenarios and maintain transparency about a project, then the employees will work more willingly and meeting the deadline will no longer be a concern of the boss alone," said Jasmelia our IR officer

8 - Insecurity about their post
Some bosses prefer to do things alone rather than taking teams help as they are unsecure that someone will provide better solution, and thus they get a sense of insecurity about their post. "There is something unique about Indian bosses. They get this superiority complex about their position and I fail to understand why. There are many extremely capable folks who like to remain in the 'individual contributors' role because they do not enjoy people management," said GBS friend "You can deal with an egoistic boss, a demanding boss, an impatient boss... but the worst kind is the one who is insecure."

9 - Trying to be friend as well as boss or showing partiality
This is the trickiest part of the boss-employee relationship. Some of the bosses try to maintain a perfect balance between professionalism and friendship but it does not always work well for the company. Employees might become lenient in submitting at deadline or boss might start expecting too much from employees since they are good friend as well….the worst part is, It damn happen to me!

Another part of this equation can be showing partiality or favoring certain employees over others which create negative vibes in the team.

10 - Making fake promises

In order to motivate employees many time managers make fake promises of promotion or goodies but when the time comes they just stall it. This de-motivates an employee a great deal and might backfire badly on the company.

There are many other mistakes that bosses commit but we felt that these are the top ten reasons. You may think differently and have your own reasons. I would like to hear the top mistakes that your boss makes. Do let us me know…..